Basic Chairs

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Legend - Jazz High Back Office Chair with Lumbar Support
Rs. 8,200.00
Legend-Jazz Medium Back Office Chair
Rs. 7,800.00
Jazz High Back Office Chair with Lumbar Support
Rs. 7,600.00
Jazz Medium Back Office Chair
Rs. 7,200.00
Marvel High Back Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
Rs. 8,000.00
Matrix Medium Back Mesh Office Chair
Rs. 7,600.00
Craft High Back Office Chair with Headrest
Rs. 8,000.00
Craft Medium Back Revolving Mesh Office Chair
Rs. 7,600.00
Pony Medium Back Mesh Office Chair
Rs. 6,000.00
Iris Medium Back Office Desk Chair
Rs. 3,300.00
Pine Office Desk Chair with Lumbar Support
Rs. 4,000.00
Grab A Seat

With remote working, office furniture has become an essential piece of furniture at home. Office furniture prioritizes organization, productivity, and focus. Innowin Furniture understands the highly varying tastes of its consumers and strives to deliver the best alternatives with meticulous filtration, such as height, size, color, use, etc. An ergonomic executive office chair enables enhanced productivity and good posture. An office chair is designed to sustain the body while sitting. Since we have started subsidizing long hours of sitting and functioning at home due to the pandemic, you must pick the best office chairs online to ease your muscles and support your posture.


Choosing office chairs online may seem like an uncomplicated task. However, there are a bunch of elements one needs to consider before they buy office chairs online. Multiple times we take office chairs for granted. Albeit quite underrated, office chairs play an essential role in our working lives. Wrong ergonomic chairs will poorly affect your health and productivity in the long run. If you buy office chairs online, they can either excel or hinder your work. And if you are thinking a regular-sized chair would be acceptable to sit on for working hours, you might have to rethink that after looking at Innowin Furniture's high-back office chair.

Aspects To Consider Before You Buy Office Chairs Online

You must keep in mind the style, size, and purpose of an office chair, along with the office chair price. If you already have a table and are looking for office chairs online, measure the desk and the empty space under the desk by depth, height, and width. Thereon, you can niche down your quest by style only. Here, you must concentrate on the office chair's finishes, color, patterns, and materials. Especially your office chair should complement the rest of the furniture in that workplace. Before you begin scrutinizing office chairs online, make sure you ask the following questions to yourself:

  • What type of office chair setup is you looking to buy?
  • What distinctive material are you looking for when you intend to buy office chairs online?
  • Do you intend to blend and match the office chair with the rest of your workspace interior or keep it up in harmony with the office?
  • Does it reach your comfort?
  • Does the office chair price fall into your budget?

Affordable To Buy Office Chairs For Every Home Office

Office chairs are extensively divided into distinct types based on their requirements and needs. Innowin Furniture's ergonomic chair offers comfort, enhances productivity, and boosts efficiency. Seating in one place for long hours constantly affects productivity and body posture in the long run. Therefore, it is vital to pick an office chair that is not only relaxing but also stylish. Innowin Furniture's range of office chairs is finely curated, maintaining their aesthetics and functions. Browse through Innowin Furniture's fashionable, high-quality, ergonomic office chairs and revolving office chairs online that smoothly blend style and support.

No One Stands Alone

Reap the health advantages of a sit-stand workspace, but don't overlook your chair. The key to a productive and healthy office is transforming your position throughout the day, and you shouldn't stand or sit for an extended duration without mixing it up. You won't be sitting any more when using a standing desk, so spending lakhs of rupees on a luxury chair isn't required. Hence, Innowin Furniture's has a spectrum of affordable chairs if you buy office chairs online.

Superlative Spine Support

When you think about it, most modern desk chairs are doing it all wrong. Stiff, bulky office chairs that restrict your movement and don't target the most critical areas of the back have no place in the modern office. If you want to buy office chairs, consider a chair that twists, bends, and moves with you throughout the day with Innowin Furniture's office chair range. Designed to mimic human vertebrae, the chair features a ribbed design with an elastomer spine system, which adds flexibility to the chair's back for total flexible seated support for your day's work.

In Defense of Sitting

We talk a lot about the tenets of ergonomics and standing at work, but standing for too long isn't ideal for anyone. It's okay to sit sometimes; sitting in the proper ergonomic chair increases focus, gives your muscles a break, and takes the pressure off your knees. Science says the ideal sit-stand ratio is roughly 1:3. Sitting for a quarter-hour each hour lets you reap health benefits. So, where will you sit in your office chair or your next gaming chair?

Finer Chairs = Better Business

Now, more than ever, people are replacing poorly designed office products. Everyone can agree that you work better when you're comfortable. Hence, as you embark on the journey to build an ergonomic workspace conducive to productivity and comfort, don't minimize the importance of a great office chair or a jazz chair. Give your body the support it needs with any of Innowin Furniture's ergonomic office chairs.