Lux Series

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Armani High Back
Rs. 96,000.00
Armani Medium Back
Rs. 94,000.00
Luxurious High Back Office Chair
Rs. 96,000.00
Bentley Pure Leather Luxurious High Back Office Chair
Rs. 88,000.00
Bentley Pure Leather Luxurious Medium Back Office Chair
Rs. 86,000.00
Bentley Visitor
Rs. 68,000.00
Ashley High Back Office Chair
Rs. 44,000.00
Ashley Medium Back Office Chair
Rs. 43,000.00
Ashley Visitor
Rs. 40,000.00
Evoke High Back Office Chair
Rs. 40,000.00
Evoke Medium Back Office Chair
Rs. 38,000.00
Wing Medium Back Office Chair
Rs. 32,000.00
Parker High Back Office Chair
Rs. 30,000.00
Parker Medium Back Office Chair
Rs. 29,000.00
Grandezza High Back Cushion Office Chair
Rs. 20,000.00
Rs. 22,050.00
9% OFF
Grandezza Medium Back Cushion Office Chair
Rs. 17,200.00
Rs. 21,000.00
18% OFF
Tycoon High Back Executive Cushion Office Chair
Rs. 14,000.00
Tycoon Medium Back Executive Cushion Office Chair
Rs. 13,500.00

Executive chairs are sleek and comfortable and have a more sophisticated styling than other chairs. Tall-backed executive chairs offer improved comfort and support for the entire upper body. Executive chairs symbolize authority because of their height, high-quality backrest, and excellent upholstery. Executive chairs are a popular choice for higher officials and are best suited for a person who has to sit for long hours.


All executive chairs have an excellent built-in quality that guarantees the ultimate level of comfort, especially for tall people, which helps them give extra space and good back support. The alluring collection of high-back executive office chairs from Innowin offers the utmost comfort, especially to our back and legs. Below are the best features of executive chairs that will leave you wanting to buy them right away:

  • Wonderful Swing Mechanism

    Innowin’s greatest executive office chairs are created in a way that allows for full body support. The chair's mechanism enables the backrest, provides excellent adjustability and tilts. The noteworthy aspect of this chair is the ability to recline and move independently.

  • A Stylish backrest

    Regular chairs are unable to provide an executive chair's high backrest. This feature in the executive chair helps our posture by keeping the spine and neck in the proper positions. It aids in easing discomfort and prevents any long-term health issues. The quality of these Innowin’s executive chairs is unmatched, and they have the best ergonomic design available. No other type of chair can offer this, from the trunk weight support to the commendable adjustable mechanism that an Innowin’s executive chair provides.

  • Pleasant Seating

    The ideal executive office chairs have a leather seat with thick cushioning and provides an appropriate amount of cushioning on the armrests. They also offer outstanding lumbar support, a professional look, and a smooth sitting experience for greater comfort.

  • Supreme Quality

    These chairs are manufactured using fine materials and are the best option for long time usage. The organization also saves a tonne of money because they have many employees, and it can be costly to purchase new chairs regularly.

Why purchase an executive chair?

Although every chair we sell satisfies our strict quality standards, our executive line is a bit finer. If any of the following apply to you:

  • It is suited for an office or an individual who is looking for a sophisticated and high-back rest chair.
  • Best suited for individuals who are in authoritative positions.
  • If you are tall, this chair is the best option for you as all chairs are not comfortable for tall people.
  • A multi-functional chair gives excellent lumbar support and backrest, which helps in giving you ultimate back support and comfort to your body.

Why Choose Innowin?

Innowin focuses on improving the customer’s health by incorporating comfort into individuals' work life. Innowin has modified and designed chairs according to the consumers' requirements and has never failed to address the consumers' problems by incorporating solutions in their designs and manufacturing. We are the ultimate destination for tasteful and stylish finds, bringing our consumer's furniture that blends comfort and aesthetics to your workplace.

The exclusive collection of executive chairs online at Innowin Furniture will leave you charmed. Explore our wide range of office furniture units, such as office tables, computer chairs, office chairs, training chairs, revolving chairs, ergonomic chairs, and office desks at Innowin Furniture.