High Back Chairs

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Armani High Back
Rs. 96,000.00
Luxurious High Back Office Chair
Rs. 96,000.00
Bentley Pure Leather Luxurious High Back Office Chair
Rs. 88,000.00
Social High Back
Rs. 50,000.00
Social High Back Ergonomic Office Chair
Rs. 44,815.00
Ashley High Back Office Chair
Rs. 44,000.00
Evoke High Back Office Chair
Rs. 40,000.00
Roger High Back Ergonomic Office Chair
From Rs. 32,410.00 - Rs. 35,190.00
Parker High Back Office Chair
Rs. 30,000.00
Berlin High Back Ergonomic Office Chair
Rs. 20,000.00
Grandezza High Back Cushion Office Chair
Rs. 19,845.00
Rs. 22,050.00
10% OFF
Henry High Back Ergonomic Office Chair
Rs. 18,000.00
Tycoon High Back Executive Cushion Office Chair
Rs. 16,365.00
Rs. 18,185.00
10% OFF
Amigo High Back Office Chair
Rs. 15,575.00
Vento High Back Office Chair
Rs. 12,000.00
RIO High Back Office Chair
Rs. 12,000.00
U&D High Back Ergonomic Office Chair
Rs. 12,000.00
Legend - Jazz High Back Office Chair with Lumbar Support
Rs. 8,200.00
Venture High Back Cushion Chair
Rs. 8,000.00
Marvel High Back Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
Rs. 8,000.00
Craft High Back Office Chair with Headrest
Rs. 8,000.00
Jazz High Back Office Chair with Lumbar Support
Rs. 7,600.00

It is estimated that an average employee sits in an office work chair for around 3,000 hours per year, and looking at the number of hours spent in an office chair, Employers should consider this and buy an office chair that is the best for the employees’ health. Sitting in the wrong chair for extended periods can cause serious health problems. Innowin provides a suitable high back office chair that can reduce your back pain, improve your posture, and improve productivity. While working, your body should be very comfortable in the same particular posture, and in the long run, a revolving office chair is a good option for both employees and employers.


The study has suggested that office workers are happier and more productive when their work environment is healthy, positive, and, most of all, when they are very comfortable. The major contributor to this happiness is the best office chair; the rest is having good lighting, the color palette of the office, and other factors. It is essential to avoid a poorly designed chair as it can lead to a lot of ailments, such as arm pain, back pain, poor posture, and fatigue.

Features of Innowin’s office chair:-
  • Backrest

    There is an amazing backrest feature in Innowin’s office chair; they can be separated or combined with the seat. The backrest in a high back chair offers great support to your neck, lower and upper back as well as helps in relaxing your shoulders.

  • Seat Height

    The height of Innowin’s office can be easily adjustable and has a hydraulic ever. A standard height of a good office chair should be around 16-21 inches from the floor. You wil l also be able to keep your feet flat on the floor, as it helps you keep your thighs parallel to the floor. Forearms will be at the same level as the desk surface for better functionality.

  • Seat pan characteristics

    There is a natural curve in the lower area of your spine. If your weight is not evenly distributed on the seat pan, then there will be an unusual strain on the sensitive areas while flattening the inward curve of your back. Innowin’s office chair seats have extended an inch from both sides of your hips, providing you the best comfort possible.

  • Material

    You will find that the material used in these chairs is highly durable and is designed with good padding on the seat and back, where your back leans and rests for most of the time. The materials used in these chairs are breathable and dissipate moisture and heat, which makes them highly comfortable.

  • Armrest benefits

    Reduce pressure on your lower back with the help of armrests. Armrests are even remarkable if they have adjustable width and height that helps support multiple tasks simultaneously, such as reading and writing. Your shoulders and neck tension will reduce immensely and prevent disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Consistent stability

    Getting an office chair on wheels that can swivel helps avoid too much twisting and stretching of your spine. Innowin’s chairs have a 5-point base that won’t tip over when it's reclining as they have hard casters that allow stable movements even when the office chair is reclined or locked into different positions.

Types of High Back chairs:-

There are different types of office chairs in the market today, and there are chairs available as per the person’s preferences and usage. Find the right office chair for you as per your usage given ahead:

  • Ergonomic Chairs

    High back office ergonomic chair is the famous and most preferred choice for working professionals as this chair is both very comfortable and makes you super productive. These chairs have better lumbar supports and give an overall best posture. This office chair is best for people who have to spend long hours in the day sitting in front of the computer. This high back ergonomic office chair can save you from doctor, pills, and chiropractor bills.

  • Executive Chairs

    The executive office chair is a high back office chair that is premium and high-end. An executive chair is more expensive than the ergonomic high back chair price. If you want a chair for home or office use, you should put in extra money and buy an executive office chair. These chairs are very aesthetic and better looking as they are very comfortable, and it is also a combination of all the best features of the other types of chairs.

  • Gaming Chairs

    People spend most of their time sitting due to the increasing usage of high-end computers. Health issues are rising, such as obesity, lethargy, back pain, and depression are common. Computers are not only used for work but for gaming too. Gamers spend several hours playing games without realizing they are stressing their neck and pain because they get too much involved in the games. Hence, a gaming chair is a great investment, and you will also not question the gaming chair price as it is a high-end, multi-functional, and ultra-comforting aesthetic-looking chair for streamers, professional gamers as well as regular gamers.

Benefits of High Back Chair:-

Supports your posture – Traditional chairs are not designed for sitting for more extended periods as people tend to cultivate incorrect posture while sitting at their desks. Thus, a high back ergonomic chair considers all these problems, and it includes all the essential features, including a headrest and backrest and it also supports your posture while you sit.

  • Very Comfortable -

    Ergonomic chairs are designed to provide comfort than any normal chair because they are very user-friendly. These chairs are highly adjustable as you can adjust all the features conveniently.

  • Reduces Neck and Back Pain -

    Sitting for a long time without neck support can develop stiffness in your neck and shoulders. This majorly leads to complications such as cervical spondylosis. Even when you want to stretch out, a high back office chair is the perfect choice as it provides a headrest for both head and neck, and this is an excellent feature for people who spend a lot of time answering calls during work.

Innowin – A Package of Simplicity and Sophistication

You should not ignore that nagging back pain and the annoying neck pain that appears now and then, providing significant discomfort. An Innowin’s high back office chair is multi-functional that automatically corrects your posture and gives you ultimate comfort at your workplace by relaxing your neck and back with ultra-soft padding and flexibility. Office chair price is all worth it because it provides lifelong benefits by giving the main structures of your body rest, which are prone to stress during work.