What Happens To Your Posture If You Spend Long Hours Sitting In A Computer Chair?

Posted on February 13 2023

What Happens To Your Posture If You Spend Long Hours Sitting In A Computer Chair?

Working from home has brought us closer to our computer chairs. Fortunately, there is a way sitting on a computer chair can improve posture


Surprised? Keep reading! 


As we bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic, we are reworking our lifestyles with different versions of “the new normal,” whether in our personal, social, or professional life. One of these versions has made headway into our professional lives. It is the new way of working known as ‘work from home’ or WFH. Attending online calls, meeting deadlines, cracking deals - we seem to be doing it all from the comfort of our homes. In this post-covid style of working, we also find ourselves sitting way more than we did earlier. And, it is a known fact by now that continued sitting for long periods is detrimental to our posture and overall health. Therefore, it has become more critical than ever to take care of our health as we adapt to this unique version of our professional life. 


It is now possible to maintain good health and posture while sitting on your computer chair - all thanks to the technological advancements in ergonomics! 


The dangers of sitting too much:

The human body is meant to be active. Our body functions at optimum when we are physically active. It boosts energy levels, improves endurance, and maintains bone strength. However, our work lives demand more hours spent sitting. It can weaken the muscles of the lower body. A poor sitting posture breaks down spine health. The most common complaint associated with long hours of sitting is back pain. The spine, muscles, and joints come under considerable pressure when sitting for too long, forcing them to work hard. It can result in injuries and, in more extreme cases, cause spinal disc damage.  


Missing out on the positive effects of physical activity can decline mental health, too. Whether you’re using a computer chair or a gaming chair hardly matters. Sitting too much is damaging because chairs don’t allow a lot of movement. To make things worse, chairs of poor quality impact your body more negatively, causing muscle and joint discomfort. Sitting for long impacts our energy levels negatively. This eventually leads to chronic pain. In addition, migraines are another consequence of long hours of sitting since the neck and shoulders are under extensive pressure. 


How can a gaming or computer chair help you manage your posture? 

Gaming chairs or computer chairs provide a comfortable sitting experience and support your back, shoulders, and neck. Now one might wonder how a chair can improve posture while sitting? An efficiently-designed, good quality gaming or computer chair ensures the proper positioning of the head, which takes away from the stress on the neck. We tend to lean forward while working in chairs that lack basic ergonomics. 

An accurately aligned spine eases back pain. Besides, sitting comfortably for long hours becomes easier if the hips are in the correct posture. Ergonomically designed computer chairs or gaming chairs boost productivity since users are more comfortable and happier.  


A good chair has no secret formula, just thoughtful ergonomics.  


How do gaming and computer chairs work?

The design of a traditional chair does not support long sitting periods. However, a gaming or computer chair is unique in that it is ergonomically crafted to provide lumbar and neck support so users can sit for long hours. Gamers or office-workers, it is the perfect pick for all. 


Ergonomically designed chairs have significant benefits. They require users to adapt to a proper sitting posture, which means correct usage has remarkable advantages. Consistently using an ergonomic gaming or computer chair can gradually relieve muscular pain.  


At Innowin, chairs are designed with a thorough application of ergonomics to strengthen the muscles of the core, back, and buttocks. What's more, they also take care of your posture by ensuring a proper alignment. Once you welcome ergonomic gaming and computer chairs in your everyday use, you will notice an increase in your energy levels and an improvement in overall well-being.

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