Ekta Hardwani

Posted on July 06 2021


Regardless of whether you've moved into a home with an eat-in kitchen or you've incorporated a bar into a family room, tracking down the right bar stools is important while making your dining room checklist. Bar stools have gotten decidedly popular and very rightly so. They allow family, friends, and even strangers to join along with us in the kitchen. In a small space, a counter might be your only formal eating space. For other people, it might essentially be a more casual dining area.

The ideal bar stool will flawlessly blend with your interiors. It should ideally go well with the style of your counter, your decor, your ambiance, etc. Either way, it’s important to find the right seating for this space to make it work at its best! So here are a few things you can look out for while purchasing a Bar Stool.

1. Bar Height vs. Counter Height -

There's nothing more terrible than a bar stool that is too tall or too short. Not only will it be uncomfortable, it will also seem disproportionate. That said, here's a thought on how to go about it. The Standard height of a bar counter table is 36 inches and the standard seating height of a bar counter chair should be 25 to 26 inches. In case you have to select a different height, one should aim for a difference of 10 to 12 inches between the tabletop and the seating height of the counter chair.


2. Material -

Like other pieces of furniture, when it comes to picking your bar stools, material matters. Regardless of whether you're hoping to fit a specific style, or for a durable material that can tolerate substantial use - Bar counter chairs should be heavy weight and sturdy. A person has to climb up when trying to sit on the stool/chair. So what material it is built up of is of importance. The material usually used to make bar counter chairs/stools are metal, veneer, polypropylene plastic (PP)


3. Style -

Lastly, a bar counter chair is a luxury product, so it has to look great! The Aesthetic design part of it is crucial, it should help in defining the space! Try to pick a style that fits entirely well with the style of your home. It tends to be a strong addition to your room and should flow seamlessly with its style. Bar stools made of wood fit well in rustic style homes. Keep in mind, plastic or metal are common materials for modern bar stools.

These three things are extremely important pointers to look out for in a Bar stool. All the rest is about your idea of comfort. Comfortable Features can have a critical effect on deciding a bar stool, for instance, Adjustable heights, swivel, Footrests on bar stools can offer added comfort, and even backless, high-back, and low-back bar stools are all appropriate choices relying on your comfort.

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