Ergonomic Chair – A Complete Guide to Choose the ONE

Ekta Hardwani

Posted on May 28 2021

Ergonomic Chair –  A Complete Guide to Choose the ONE

We are all in a place at the moment where at least one out of five conversations would be about WFH setups or the need of a good office chair for everyone. There is a need for good home office chairs with a Functional Design, that helps in maintaining a healthy posture as the world gets comfortable with the Work From Home culture. The word ‘Ergonomic’ is so widely used and is often interchangeably used for any office chair available. However, ‘Ergonomic Chairs’ have a much wider meaning and depth to it than what comes across in a general sense. So, why not understand the need for an Ergonomic Chair in everyone’s routine life, its benefits and most importantly how to choose the ONE out of the numerous chairs available.

To begin with, an Ergonomic Chair is the one that lets you adjust every part of it to your preference. They are meant to assist you with sitting for extensive stretches of time while you work. They are more flexible than standard office chairs and in turn provide increase in productivity and job satisfaction. It can be rightly said that when your body is at ease, you mind runs twice the speed. An ergonomic chair gives you the freedom to make adjustments best suited for the shoulders, hips and spine. This reduces the unusual strain on the body and helps avoid postures that are harmful, for example, slumping and hunching.

Let us have a look at a few points that our experts have listed to help you choose the Ergonomic Chair that is best suited for you. 

1. Lumbar Support –

Any ergonomic chair will have its first and foremost focus on the lumbar support or in simple words - the Lumbar support is useful for supporting the lower back and providing the correct posture to the body. This part in an ergonomic chair is usually adjustable. The up and down movement allows a person to adjust where the extra support of the backrest is needed to support the back and keep it relaxed at the same time. Some ergonomic chairs also offer Lumbar support that adjusts the tension/pressure on top of the up and down movement.


2. Seat Height and Depth

The adjustment of the seat height is a factor that one should consider whilst making their decision. The ideal height of an ergonomic chair would be if it can be adjusted anywhere between 16 – 21 inches. A few premium ergonomic chairs also offer the adjustment of the seat depth. This is an add-on feature and one can look for the thigh support on the chair as a priority. They are a designed for comfort and as solution to maintain a healthy posture.


3. Tilting Backrest –

An Adjustable backrest allows for more customized setting for the user, as they can move the backrest in a tilting position to support their spine in the natural posture. Few ergonomic chairs also have the option to lock your tilted back at your desired position and that gives you your comfort without compromising on the posture.


4.  Adjustable Armrests –

The armrests pay a very vital role in keeping the entire body in a position that will not put any extra pressure on any particular body-part. People of different shape and sizes will be using a similar ergonomic chair would have different needs right? Hence, an adjustable armrest is a must for a good comfort design chair. The adjustments are usually up and down and in a few premium ergonomic chairs it had an added feature of left and right movement as well. The choice is subjective to each.


5. Adjustable locking mechanism –

It allows you to recline and be comfortable at any reclining position without compromising your posture.


6. Headrest –

A headrest provides an additional support to the back, neck and shoulders together. A lot of office chairs would also have headrests. The question that arises is that how to ensure that the headrest is the best fit for you. A headrest in an ergonomic chair would be adjustable whereas fixed headrest would be a part of regular office chairs. Angular adjustment of the headrest is a feature that certain premium ergonomic chairs provide. However, this feature is an optional one. It varies according to the type of Ergonomic Chair you are looking for.


7. Upholstery/ Material –

Ergonomic chairs have a material that is breathable and does not stick to the body and create any sort of inconvenience. Usually, the backrest is made out of breathable mesh and the seat is made out of molded cushion with a soft fabric covering. In premium ergonomic chairs, even the seat is made out of complete breathable mesh in a molded form to ensure complete rest to the body with a sweat-free experience.

Determining the right chair that is agreeable and does not strain or injure is critical to having a happy and productive day at work. Ergonomic chairs are an all in one kind, that is adjustable and has a very functional design that works for a home office set up. Also, do remember, no matter what sort of ergonomic chair is used, brief breaks ought to be taken for the duration of the day to improve blood circulation. Getting up from the seat every now and then will support a more grounded pose, mitigate strain on the eyes, and decrease weakness.

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